Unified Communications

Improve Contactability. Increase Revenues. Reduce Costs.


We provide voice and integration services that provide flexibility and scalability for your business communications, including cloud-based solutions that are modular and compatible with your systems for ease of migration and implementation. Depend on reliability with our secure IP network that ensures your calls have the highest quality connection with minimal downtime.

Vocall delivers VoIP telephone services and unified communications to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange
(IP-PBX) and Unified Communications facilities. Our Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking solution limits business risk and does not require upfront investment. We offer you the flexibility of month-to-month contracts and we enable you to adopt voice, video and business collaboration services in a phased approach. 

If your network already carries your email, business tools and data, why shouldn’t it also carry your telecommunications?
Especially when it can save you up to 35% on call costs.

Our VoIP solutions enable thousands of concurrent superior-quality voice calls to be managed over a single network and routed to multiple branches. As part of our holistic converged communications offering, our VoIP solutions are highly scalable and are tailored to suit the changing needs of your organisation.

Premium SIP Trunking is a solution, designed and implemented to meet customer specific requirements for superior voice quality. We provide Metro Ethernet (ME) fibre access, ensuring the permanent availability of un-contended, real-time bandwidth for voice calls. Vocall remotely monitors the service, proactively detecting and responding to any anomalies or failures. A SLA is provided on the ME fibre access, guaranteeing the availability of your access service.

Standard SIP Trunking is a flexible and scalable next generation voice solution that can be supplied over various types of access technologies, ranging from quality enabled fibre to best effort fixed and mobile technologies. The Standard SIP Trunking Solution combines a variety of technologies which allows you to make and receive calls over a data connection.

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Microsoft Teams Voice Breakout

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution in Microsoft Teams. It allows for multiple types of communications across the platform. It does everything a traditional on-site PBX system does, and more. The service includes an Enterprise-grade phone system that guarantees reliable and secure calling. The system includes built-in audio-conferencing solutions that includes fixed line calls. Streamline your communications with calls, chats, file-share, and conferencing.

The future is exciting with Mobile Number Display

Mobile Caller Line Presentation Service is offered to call centres that want to display a mobile number as the number initiating the call

Cloud IP PBX

Cloud PBX moves your business into a modern environment, enhancing business productivity and cost saving. Future-proof your business communications. Not only is our Cloud PBX system feature rich, but it gives your business the freedom to grow in a competitive market.


  • Works seamlessly anywhere: the Cloud PBX system runs directly from our fully redundant data centres and can be delivered anywhere via our high-speed fibre network
  • Managed in real-time: your Cloud PBX is software-based, monitored and managed in real-time
  • Scale as you grow: scale up or down as your business requirements change, within minutes
  • Improved up-time: in the event of a power shortage or another emergency, we can intelligently redirect all calls to another office or an employee’s mobile as part of an additional service
  • Single number availability, anywhere: your employees are always available using the same number, via their office phone or using their smartphone with the app
  • Virtual Receptionist: our Virtual Receptionist will answer incoming calls and apply time-dependent call routing 24/7/365.


  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID): have one number for the business and assign unique extensions for each employee
  • Attendant menu: a feature that allows callers to listen to a recording and select an option to be routed to the right extension
  • Find me/ Follow me: calls are simultaneously routed internally to desktop handsets and mobile devices, for those who work remotely
  • Ring group: set how incoming calls are routed in your business. Set ups include simultaneous ring, or hunt groups.
  • Call handling features: music on hold is a common way to entertain callers while they wait on the line
  • Professional business features – HD Voice: call quality is exceptionally important to the customer experience.
    Our Cloud PBX solution is High-Definition voice compliant.
  • Secure voice: we provide service protection against unauthorised interception of calls and call fraud 3-way
  • Audio conferencing: every user is provided with their own personal audio-conferencing bridge for hosting multiple callers.