Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centre Solutions

Turn your contact centre into a customer experience centre

The contact centre solution which allows you to engage in conversations with your customers over multiple channels.

Our solution is available either as a web interface or over HTTP API, with the following functionality:

  • 2-Way messaging
  • Conversation threading
  • Conversation management: queue and routing management, agent assignment, resolution management, history overview:

The solution includes automated conversations, broadcast messaging, and customer segmentation.
Conversation is a thread or container for messages exchanged between the customer and the agent.
Message is either an inbound or outbound message exchanged between an agent and a customer within one conversation.

Omnichannel messaging from a single interface

Deliver a connected customer experience by continuing conversations from one channel to another – without losing history or context – all from one interface.

Self-service support for your customers

  • Respond immediately to your customers by deploying keyword or AI chatbots, or offering menu options through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), while agents focus on building customer relationships and loyalty
  • Chatbots powered by machine learning understand customer intent, delivering a conversational customer experience across the entire customer journey
  • Everything in one place for your agents
  • Access customer data from your CRM, web shop, ticketing, and loyalty programs systems – and understand customer sentiment – all in one place.
  • Give agents the relevant context they need to provide faster personalized support.

Scalable cloud technology

  • Keep your contact centre operating – anytime, anywhere – using a cloud contact centre solution
  • With no need for implementation or hardware, your agents can log in and pick up where they left off, while maintaining the same level of security.

Optimised workflow

  • Minimise voice traffic and enable your agents to handle more than one query at a time by introducing messaging channels over a single interface.
  • Automate your support by introducing chatbots over these same channels to optimize agent workloads and reduce costs.

Data-driven performance management

  • Boost productivity and performance using the proper analytics and reporting tools that help you identify and address any obstacles that may appear
  • Make data-driven decisions that help you improve contact centre performance and customer satisfaction at the same time.


  • Integrations: easily integrate your own CRM, ticketing, eCommerce, and loyalty systems to have insight into relevant customer information in one place
  • Automated Routing: route customers to the most appropriate agent at the right time and automate tasks
  • Chatbots: use the AI or keyword chatbots that are natively integrated into the solution to quickly respond to customers and offer agent takeover when necessary
  • Context Cards: combine customer insights from different tools into one place for agents to provide faster personalised support 
  • Interactive Voice Response: route customers to other channels or give them self-service menu options with
    automated voice responses
  • Sentiment Analysis: understand a customer’s mood in real-time and adjust communication to deliver a better
    customer support experience
  • Analytics and Reporting: optimise your team’s performance and customer conversations by analyzing message status, agent status, conversation assignment, and more
  • Biometrics: easily verify and authenticate customer identity, without comprising on customer experience, using face recognition
  • Web Interface with built in WEBRTC phone registration
  • User management to add users under your organisation
  • Teams and Team Management
  • Roles and Role management
  • Queues and Queue management
  • Call flow management
  • Call campaigns management
  • List loading and distribution to campaigns
  • Presented dial method
  • Presented push dial method
  • Predictive Dial Method
  • Record calls
  • Search and playback of recorded calls
  • API support for list loading and customisation.

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